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Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

My dear friends,

Interesting opening line to the 1st Reading today; “A perfect wife – who can find her?” Husbands, I’d keep quiet if I were you! (Sorry, I’m being mischievous again). These days, this piece of scripture would certainly raise a few eyebrows and probably be classed ‘out of date’. Like all the books of the Old Testament, the book of Proverbs is written in a particular social context and structure. When Proverbs was written, it was a very patriarchal society, which is very much reflected in this 1st Reading. However, behind the rather old-fashioned idea concerning the husband/wife relationship, there lies an important principle: a virtuous life entails us doing what we are supposed to be doing. Thus, whatever our duties or responsibilities as a husband, wife, Christian, priest etc., they should always be carried out faithfully, diligently and lovingly, having the good of the ‘other’ in the forefront of our minds.

Using our resources, time, energy and gifts for the good of others, and for building the Kingdom of God, is the teaching behind the parable in today’s gospel. Here, a man who is about to go abroad entrusts his servants with his affairs. He gives five, two and one talents to his servants according to each’s ability. The first two take a risk and trade with what they are given, and double the amount – result! The third servant plays it safe and buries the talent, yielding nothing. The risk takers are rewarded for their audacity, the one who played it safe is punished.

The teaching here is that to invest oneself in the Kingdom of God means taking a risk, simply because to believe and to love are both risks.

Let’s pray for the courage and wisdom to take risks for God’s Kingdom!

Thinking about using our time, energy and resources for the benefit of something beyond ourselves, next weekend is our joint parish/school Christmas Fayre. Please support it in any way you can. This is a big fundraiser for both parties and a wonderful community event.

Hope to see you there …God bless,

Have a good week,

Fr Brett


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