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Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

My dear friends,

In the light of the impending downfall of Jerusalem, the prophet Ezekiel speaks about a new beginning brought about by God which will come through the agency of a ‘chosen one’ (namely, the Messiah). How this process starts, and unfolds, is compared to the way a great tree – a cedar - begins life as a tiny shoot. As the cedar tree is symbolic of David’s kingdom, the prophecy contained in the 1st Reading indicates that David’s kingdom will not only be restored to its former glory but will be fulfilled in the kingdom of the Messiah, the Christ. We are also reminded that this new kingdom can only be brought about through God’s direction and power.

The gospel is very much connected with 1st Reading. Here, Jesus explains through two parables, how the Kingdom of God works. He says, the Kingdom of God is like a man who plants the seed into the ground and goes to sleep. The farmer’s job is to sow the seed. He can do nothing to make the plant grow. His staying awake, his worrying about whether the seed will sprout will not help the process; he has to be patient and to wait in hope. Initially, after having sown the seed, nothing much is happening on the outside, but the miracle of growth is taking place within.

Similarly, when we pray or do good works nothing may seem to be happening, but we need to wait patiently for the Lord to do his work in His way. In the second parable Jesus compares the Kingdom to the little mustard seed that grows into the largest shrub so that the birds of the air can shelter and nest in it. It is in humble beginnings that great things are achieved. The kingdom of God is within us and grows silently. Its growth is invisible but certain because God is in charge. Sometimes we find it hard to believe because we want tangible proof and speedy action. God works differently! We are called to be patient and to sow good seeds and leave the rest to God. The contrast between the smallness of the seed with the enormity of the tree indicates that small beginnings can have a large impact!

This weekend we give thanks and pray for all Fathers, asking God to bless them in this most important vocation. We remember too the Fathers who are have died and pray that they may be held in God’s love.

Next weekend we welcome Bishop Alan to our parish for his visitation. It will be a weekend of special celebration as he Confirms 12 of our young people.

Have a good week!

Fr Brett


Fr Brett's Latest Photo!